Who Did This?

You Died is a website about computer games that was created by two friends in 2014 because it seemed like a good idea at the time. You can read more about these people below if you literally have nothing else to do.

G. Russell

A largely unremarkable specimen that spends more time thinking about Dark Souls lore than he does spend on the important stuff, like that re-watch of all of the X-Files and making sure that he buys every Wii U game he can find regardless of quality. Used to write about music but don’t hold that against him. Is training his daughter to understand the importance of the poise stat.

See all of his posts here

Gav James-Weir

Gavin James-Weir started life as your average, run-of-the-mill baby boy in 1982 and, to be honest, things haven’t progressed all that much since, although he can complete Duke Nukem 3D really quickly. He’s a graphic designer and the co-creator of his children but in real life he likes to make sure that you don’t get things wrong concerning the history of certain Marvel characters or what is/isn’t part of the Alien franchise canon.

See all of his posts here


Lewis Clark 

He can be found writing about Sega games over at Sega Driven or aggressive music at UKScum Scene. He can be found pouring his love for other games with us occasionally.

Tom Woods

An artist by day, video making games guy by night. Can usually be found hanging out over at Heart Bros.


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