A bunch of Posts We’ll Probably never get round to writing

Unlike a professional games writing person we have no pressure to write about games we’re playing. No editor breathing down our necks trying to push out an article out on ‘why the frame rate of uncharted means the PS4 is doomed’ or ’10 games I could make better than a professional games developer because I have a disqus account and a keyboard’.

No sir, this is all off our own backs and given the chance, we am two lazy boys. 

We tend to start a new post with a title and then never get round to writing it, either we forget or the time just passes and the subject is no longer relevant. Here’s a few of our best posts that will probably never get written:

The Witcher’s Quen Spell or DOOM’s Shotgun: Which Has The Biggest Kick?

Exposed : The Racist Underbelly of the Mushroom Kingdom. 

Caring About My K:D Ratio Cost Me My Marriage 

How Dark Souls 2 Taught Me To Look Both Ways When Crossing The Road.

Major Nelson Sold Me Drugs at E3

You Hate Doom 3 Because you’re a Twat.

I Found A Polaroid of Miyamoto’s Cock In The Box Of My Wii

Borderlands Cosplay: It’s Just Drawing Lines On Your Face


Renée Zellweger Would Be My Choice To Play Link And Here’s Why

Sonic The Hedgehog Cosplayers : Cunts or Just Misguided?

Major Nelson : The Guiltiest Wank  

More Like Shite-nfall

My Summer With Cliff Blezinski and A Fiat Punto Full of Human Growth Hormone

How I Broke Into Sega And Deleted The Source Code For Streets Of Rage 4

The Soldier I Named After My Best Friend Died In XCOM And Cost Me The Mission So I Smothered Him With His Pillow IRL

Witcher 3? More Like ‘Hitch A Bee’.

The Yakuza Series: Does Anyone Really Like It? Like, Really??

Brink: You Liked It, Didn’t You?

White Haired Dante And My Semester Abroad

Feel free to use any of those, they’re yours for a 6″ BMT from Subway. Herbs and Cheese, toasted please. No salad.


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