The fuck is Overwatch and the fuck should I Care? – You Died investigates.

We’re busy guys here at You Died, we have jobs, families and crippling addictions to nu metal crack wrestling to deal with as well as occasionally dribbling our thoughts into a WordPress post, which often means don’t  have time to check out every game that gets released let alone play them all. But occasionally The Internet will sing and shout and scream incessantly in your face about something so much that you kinda feel like you have no choice to just scream ‘FINE FOR FUCK SAKE, I’LL HAVE A FUCKING LOOK AT IT JESUS FUCKING CHRIST JUST SHUT UP ALREADY. LOOK AT YOU OVER THERE, HOW FUCKING DARE YOU ENJOY YOURSELF YOU MAKE ME SICK’ and today, that thing is Overwatch.

So I started out by doing the standard research: check out some previews, watch a few gameplay vids to get a general feel for it. And it was between the colourful characters, the Saturday Morning cartoon enthusiasm for violence that I released I could save myself a lot of time by asking  just one question that I really need to ask about an FPS in 2016:

Is it DOOM?

And I got just one answer:



I think that’s solved that little problem.



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