The Easter Eggs of Arkham Knight that only True Batman Fans will notice

By Gavin James-Weir

I’m going to let you all in on a secret. I am a huge Batman Fan.

Not an unusual thing these days, the films (which I’ve watched at least 6 times each) are huge. But I’ve read books like the one pictured here…


…so it’s safe to say that compared to a normal person, I’m a True Batman Fan. For instance: did you know that the films are based on comic books? They are! There’s loads of them!

Given this knowledge of the character I’ve spotted some things in Arkham Knight that only a True Batman Fan would notice, here’s a few of them for you average fans.



You, not being as True a Batman Fan as myself, will probably think this is a Bat motif, but it’s actually bird wings. This references issue #149 in which Batman runs over a small bird whilst chasing after Superman’s dog, Krypto who had ran away after Superman wouldn’t take him to the Fun Fair. In tribute to this innocent bystander, Batman fashions his tire tread as bird wings and vows to never run over another innocent creature again.



To your average player, this may seem like a throwaway shopping mall, but I know more. This is actually a very subtle reference to Bruce Wayne’s (Batman’s real name) favourite actress – Anna Farris – who won his heart after performances in such films as Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4. Incidentally, it was the Scary Movie films that influenced Bruce into using fear as his main weapon. He has yet to harness to true terror of the original Scary Movie though.



You probably thought this was nothing but a newspaper building because you’re not a True Batman Fan. This is actually a reference to an early part of Bruce Wayne’s journey to being The Bat when He operated under the guise of ‘The Gotham Herald’. The Herald was a postman who would sometimes delay post for up to 3 days if he thought the recipient was a bad guy. The most famous story of course being when he held onto Harvey Dent’s ASOS order so he had to wear the same shirt to a party that he wore the week before! That’ll learn ya, Harvey Two-Face!!



This harks back to the very start. Originally, Bruce was going to clean up Gotham by literally cleaning the streets. Figuring this would take a while, he abandoned this plan and went about punching people in the head instead. Bruce has since used his wealth and influence to cancel all street cleaning in Gotham to remind him of his past failures.



A very clever double reference here guys. This sign actually calls back to issue #345, in which Batman goes to England and teams up with non-other than ex-Manchester United footballer, Paul Parker and everyone’s favourite stuntman, Ray Park to take down the villain known as ‘The Park King’.

Paul Parker with Captain America's Shield and Ray Park, looking like he should be in Limp Bizkit or some shit.

Paul Parker with Captain America’s Shield and Ray Park, looking like he should be in Limp Bizkit or some shit.

The Park King wanted to close all recreational play areas of Canterbury due to a childhood trauma when he jumped off a swing and his new L.A Gears (the ones with the flashing lights) landed straight in dog poo.

So there you go, take this knowledge with you and continue your journey to becoming a True Batman Fan like myself. Fear the Night, as Batman says!!


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