Our First Birthday

Katy Perry was once quoted as saying that she’d “make it like your birthday everyday”. Now, we’re all for celebrations here at You Died, but that seems a little too extreme for us. No, what we like is just the standard, once a year type deal. Which brings us neatly onto saying “well! Hey! It’s our birthday!” Yes, although it may seem crazy to think, it was (almost, kinda) exactly one year ago today that two young old boys men, both inexplicably called Gav, set up camp on this little pocket of the Internet. Astute and long time readers may remember that we actually started out as a Dark Souls 2 blog called Depths Of The Abyss, but it didn’t take too long until we totally ran out of stuff to say about that so we decided to widen our focus, re-title the site and endeavour to write about videogames and videogame culture in general. Cause no one else is doing that, right? It’s been a whirlwind of a year and not just in terms of content (which has included everything from Aliens and Openbor, football memories and Global Gladiators, The Shambler and Fez OCD confessionals and one man’s ridiculous decision to committing to write about one new game every week in 2015) but also in terms of the impact we’ve had on the gaming scene. Below are just a few of the many, many examples of the crazy year we’ve had; the lives we’ve touched, the destinies we’ve changed. You would think that with all of this success, we’d have purchased our own domain name for the site by now! But we’re mavericks; flying in the face of sensible decision-making. Please enjoy the following testimonials to our blistering first year.

When all tHose developers Created Trophies based on us


That time when Cliffy B just couldn’t stop showing our blog to everyone:

cliff-2 cliff-3 cliffy-1

THAT TIME We did a patreon and it blew through the fucking roof:


Mo fuckin money yo.



THAT TIME Hideo Kojima sent us this polaroid:

Right back at ya, Kojima x

Right back at ya, Kojima x

That Time EuroGamer gave us the Essential Award.

That Dan Pearson, what a nice guy.

That Dan Pearson, what a nice guy.

Disclaimer : In case you couldn’t tell, these are all Photshop jobs; we haven’t won any awards and Kojima hasn’t been in contact… yet. But we are one year old this month so that means that we’re just about old enough to stop dribbling down the front of our vests and starting to crawl towards the expensive furniture. Which is a metaphor for … something? Seriouly though, thanks to anyone who has read a post, shared a tweet or laughed at one of our stupid jokes. It means a lot. Follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss any more of this bollocks.


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