Adventures in Skyrim

About 3 years ago, us intrepid boys behind You Died set out on another blogging adventure: battering around the land of Skyrim and taking photos of the odd beauty found in the random way a body falls after being perforated with a flurry of arrows. We named this blog ‘They Used To Be Adventurers Like Me’, not in ode to that fucking awful meme, but more to the idea that these people we killed were just like us, trying to live in this world the best they can – we just happen to be the ones with the Nightingale Bow enchanted with fire.

So being that we run a blog on videogames now, it seemed right to pop back into that world and share a few choice images. This was before the days of consoles having share features, so these photos were literally taken by getting up close to the TV and taking a photo with our phones, so excuse the quality of some of them. Click any image to view a lovely slideshow and read our witty as fuck captions & in one case, a thoughtful musing on a wrong choice.


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