The 250 Word Review – Pix The Cat

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been guilty of wishing we could be transformed into a cat, sucked into a TV and forced to endlessly run mazes in order to rescue ducklings while an analogue acid soundtrack blips and squelches along in the background. No? Just me then.

To sum it up with one snappy, reductive sentence one could say “it’s that old Nokia snake game but shinier“. And that would be partly correct, but Pasta Games’ Pix The Cat pulls off the neat trick of appearing to offer an experience that will be quite simplistic but gradually reveals layers of subtle nuance to keep you coming back for just one more go. Essentially: collect the eggs that are littered around a maze and drop the subsequent ducklings off at various points dotted around the level. Complete your task, and the warp point to the next stage opens. Easy, right? But the better you get, the faster it gets making it harder to avoid the trail of ducks tagging along behind you. And what about how you can grind around corners for a speed boost by pressing a directional key at the exact right time. Or how the next stage is always visible inside the current one, giving you the feeling that you’re constantly being sucked deeper and deeper and you’re getting smaller and smaller and oh god my eyes.

Endlessly addictive, constantly evolving and utterly charming, Pix The Cat is a genuine treat. And, for the next few days at the time of writing and providing you have a PS+ account, is currently free to download from PSN. Come on, the ducks are waiting.


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