Wolfenstien 3D

Fire yerself back to the heady days of 1993, 11 year old me had just spotted an ex-rental copy of Wolfenstein for SNES at my the local off-licence/video rental shop for £12. A large amount of cash for me back in those days, but after poring all over the screenshots for the just released Doom and realising that this was the closest I could get, I NEEDED it. Buying a game was a rare thing for me, I owned just three Mega Drive games (The Terminator, Sonic, Sonic 2) and one for the SNES (Super Mario World…still never bettered) as renting them was much easier than begging my parents for £30 every few months. But fate was on my side that weekend as they had just won £90 on the National Lottery and I was gifted £10 to buy a game.

After a little bargaining to get the extra £2, bang. Wolfenstein was in my hands.

...Guile? Is..is that you??

…Guile? Is..is that you??

And it was great, running around those blue corridors shooting people an that…always fun. Some really nice touches of having the guards shout ‘hault!’ and ‘stop!’ when they spot you adding to the feeling of breaking into a fortress (though I confess to being scared of the bosses when they shouted ‘COMING FOR YOU’ as you first spot their hulking frames). It looked great back in 1993 too, even with the black boarder around the screen. It was a FPS on a SNES, something I’d never experienced before with the genre usually confined to the PC.


Dunno what he’s grinning at, by the looks of it that rat is at least 5ft tall. I’d be running if I were you mate.

It got around at school that I had this and after a while, one of the ‘rougher’ lads asked to borrow it in return for a lend of one of his games. So I did, mainly out of fear of getting a kicking off this guy and maybe a little  chance to be ‘in’ with the ‘cool’ guys. He kept the game for a month, way after I returned his. Every day at school I would find him and nervously ask him if he could bring it back, always met with the same answer of ‘Oh yeah, yeah mate…sure…forgot that was yours’ and every day would pass without him bringing it in.

What a cock. This all escalated to the point that my Mum went through the local phone book for people with his last name, calling each one till she found his parents and demanded the game back. He brought it in and I don’t think I ever spoke to the lad again. Didnt get a kicking though, so it all worked out in the end.

So yeah, that’s what I think about each time I hear ‘Wolfenstein’.

New game looks like good fun too. I’ll probably buy it.


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