Pursue, that!

Written by Gav Russell

**contains moderate Dark Souls 2 Boss spoilers**

Deposited into the world and into my path by a giant crow, The Pursuer is the first time in either of the Dark Souls games where I’ve felt like something has been sent to me. In pretty much every case I can think of I always seem to be the one walking in on the various beasts, demons and horrors that populate the world. They were just minding their own business, and then I burst in and deal out a generous portion of murder. The Last Giant? That guy was knackered. He didn’t want trouble. He’d retreated to a dead-end, far underground. He just wanted to be left alone. And then I waltz through his fog gate and bring the pain.

And looking back, to the original Dark Souls, the pattern continues; the knights that populate Undead Burg, they’re just doing their job. Keeping the ramparts safe from any shenanigans. They didn’t need a Halberd in the throat, but I gave it them anyway. Ornstein and Smough were just two good mates relaxing in their castle, probably playing a game of Ludo. Or Boggle. I bet they loved Boggle. And I murder one right before the other. Just to rub it in. Always hated Boggle. And don’t even get me started on faithful, beleaguered, beautiful old Sif.

But The Pursuer. This guy is different. He came to me. Stop, he was saying (he was saying it via the red LED’s of his helmet, yeah?), you shall not …. proceed. We all know that the Souls never really tell us anything, but for me, this simple boss entrance routine changed everything. No more am I casually strolling about, interrupting everyone. This time, I’m in the way. The citizens of Drangleic know it. Someone’s cottoned on. And they want me stopped. But, sorry big guy. I got the better of you. And I had a go on your crow once I was done. Now, send the rest.



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